The Buff

A Waxwell Signature Treatment
A full detoxifying and exfoliation of the skin. Literally buffing that dry, dead skin away. The buff is recommended two weeks post wax or anytime your skin needs a boost. The buff helps with circulation, skin detox, exfoliation and prevents ingrown hairs and most importantly softens the skin. Begins with a dry brush exfoliation on the skin, hot towel compresses to detoxify, followed by a calming + detox oil application.


    Client Testimonials

    The BEST Brazilian I’ve ever had. The wax itself feels incredibly soft and smooth. Karyna, my wax specialist, was gentle and thorough. Surprisingly, the whole experience incredibly relaxing. The Brazilian mask afterwards was heavenly.


    I went to Waxwell initially for a brow tint and lamination with Karyna, and loved the results (I didn't leave feeling greasy or clown-like... win!) I came back for a second appointment to have my bikini sugared. I've tried waxing, laser, and can say this was the quickest, least painful experience that I've had to date. Karyna is honestly a magician. 10/10 recommend.


    I love it here. They offer an amazing membership program which is great for those who enjoy monthly waxes. I goto Alyssa and always find that she’s really thorough. Highly recommend!




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