Post-Wax Protocol

Skin may be sensitive following your wax. Red bumps or irritation should subside within a few hours.
Avoid for 48 hours

• Hot tubs
• Steam showers / saunas
• Tanning / sun exposure
• Excessive sweating / working out

After Care

• Rebook in 3-6 weeks for best results. Avoid shaving or trimming in-between appointments.
• Refrain from sun exposure, working out and steams/ saunas after your wax.
• Exfoliate 2-3 times per week to prevent ingrown hairs. Use a mechanical exfoliant such as a dry brush or body scrub. If you are highly prone to ingrown hairs us an exfoliant with AHAs. We recommend Fur Ingrown Illuminator Serum.
• Moisturize daily to keep skin healthy. We recommend using Fur Oil daily on dry areas. Available at Waxwell.

Stay well-maintained and save on services.

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