Waxwell is an all-gender waxing studio based in Calgary, Alberta. Our mission is to create a comfortable atmosphere while curating services to your specific needs; providing you with high quality waxing and attention to detail.

The Waxwell Way

We want you to look forward to coming to Waxwell. That's why we've created a space that prioritizes comfort, discretion and inclusivity. Our refined-yet-casual studio offers a place to relax, browse products and generally chill out before or after your services. And we've dialled in the mood lighting.

Whether you're looking for a welcoming and calm space, expert estheticians, or no-fuss booking and membership services, we've thought about a smooth experience for all. The Club Waxwell memberships ensure you're keeping up appearances and maintaining general skin health and wellness.

The Story of Waxwell

Waxwell was founded under a vision to create something different. A space that invites all to indulge in self-care. Services that feel approachable, affordable, and easy to book. A place that you'll love to come back to time and time again. With this vision, Waxwell has rethought the waxing experience to align with the expectations of the modern smooth person.

Stay well-maintained and save on services.

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